Cure8 [ft. Dustin Wareham, Jane Doe Smith, Tragic, Tremayne]

from by Sandy Pearlman & Bones



We are the Stag Lords. Toronto’s mega fauna.
Two specimen of hiphop you’ll be mega fond of.
Yeah, I boast that with such certainty.
Viral Inflections in the lab, we’re a different breed.
Spent a year in hibernation, emerged with an album that’ll
have a vice grip on the nation, and galvanize the hating.
See I ain’t gotta hide, cause I’ve got thick skin.
The antlers are sharpened up.
Coach said to only play rough if you’re game for getting hurt,
I laid foundation in the mud some dragged my name through the dirt.
You didn’t settle the score, you’re simply spreading the spores.
Everyone likes an underdog story.
Let me curate the debate on who is the greatest,
Got some fire 16’s from the homies going flagrant.
About to let em loose, tied the knot, prepped the noose.
Hope you packed cute shoes lil’ bitch. stagout.

Dustin Wareham
Jane Doe Smith

Sandy Perlman:
Rub salt in the wound let it sink in, rub salt in the wound let it begin,
rub salt in the wound let the nitrates work, rub salt in the wound been an eight month cure,
but now we're back and heated, stacked and feeding the masses need it,
there's been a lack of season, bland and beaten to death and repeated,
and we in it, we bout to fucking kill it, butcher fillet grill it, and serve it to the critics,
we got us a crowd to come and devour, the beat and compete till we're top of the tower,
so if you can hear us we'll shout a little louder.


from Spare Parts, released September 20, 2016
Vocals: Bones, Dustin Wareham, Jane Doe Smith, Tragic, Tremayne, Sandy Pearlman
Production: Sandy Pearlman
Mix & Master: Matt Rideout



all rights reserved


Sandy Pearlman & Bones Toronto, Ontario

Producer Sandy Pearlman and Wordsmith Bones have been honing their sound since the group formed in 2012. By combining traditional elements of the genre with their love of indie, folk, and even screamo music they have created a distinct and eclectic catalogue of songs. The two are well-established in their community and have a reputation for exceptional beats, quick raps, and grimy house parties. ... more

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