Viral Inflections

from by Sandy Pearlman & Bones



Laying dormant, Adjust the scope we goin’ viral,
Paid informants will soon be jackin’ all this style,
Down to the very DNA, and RNA,
Send it to the lab to replicate, A big mistake.
We’ll sonically contaminate, tryna get to the top
of the laminate, Encapsulate that drive,
Then vaccinate your life, I said it bout a dozen times,
I don’t think nobody hearing.
So Imma do this shit for myself from here in,
I used to be about the heavy metaphors,
And now I’m in my head some more.
Just tryna sort it all out, at the apex of my stress
And I think I’m bout to lash out,
Think I’m bout to spaz out. Trynna stick to the
pen and the pad, Hope this take don’t go bad.
But if it does I swear I’ve got another,
If you can hang you better not studder,
Cause the flow is crystal clear,
Camp Crystal Lake….better not drop that beer.
Better not drop that bar, Cause then Imma set
it much higher. Juggling the moon and the world
Look at the mess I……..uh

These are Viral Inflections,
if you’re plugged in then you’re infected.
I’ll tamper w/ the source code till its corrected.
At least thats my perspective, I made this rap
my elective, Designed a drop thats respective,
And compliments our directive.
This collective mind state
has got me feeling rejective of the hate.
See I’m a recluse with a cause,
In a bigger picture I’m a cog beneath the mouses paws.
Simply adding torque to the spinning motion,
Drowning in the static bout to make my dreams the quotient.
Divide the doubt. And hold ‘em up high,
So that the goddam world can see,
That you cannot judge me, cause I know that God Loves Ugly.
Tryna set the right Atmosphere,
I’ll show you what happens here on the west side of T.O.
If you don’t bring straight bars to the show,
They’ll be screw faced like “hell no”.
I don’t put my faith in the sky, I put it in me.
I’m the cause of my stress, right now I can’t sleep,
Put my heart in these words, That’s self made therapy,
I’m infecting the interwebz, real quick, virally.


from Spare Parts, released September 20, 2016
Vocals: Bones, Sandy Pearlman
Production: Sandy Pearlman
Mix & Master: Matt Rideout



all rights reserved


Sandy Pearlman & Bones Toronto, Ontario

Producer Sandy Pearlman and Wordsmith Bones have been honing their sound since the group formed in 2012. By combining traditional elements of the genre with their love of indie, folk, and even screamo music they have created a distinct and eclectic catalogue of songs. The two are well-established in their community and have a reputation for exceptional beats, quick raps, and grimy house parties. ... more

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